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Unique Homes I Loved in 2018

The Whit Harvey Group doesn't play favorites when it comes to providing exceptional service to our clients. But admittedly, I have favorites. As the marketing director, I get to preview the listings, accompany the photographer on photo shoots (Beverly Funhouse is awesome!), and help usher the clients through the marketing process. During that time I sometimes get to know the owners, and I come to love the things about their home that they love. Here are just a few of my favorites that Whit and Carter sold this year.

Schoolhouse on Greenspring Valley Road

Formally a schoolhouse, there were so many unique details beyond the fabulous floors, high ceilings, walls of windows, and serene setting. These included the original clock that was used to signal class change, huge folding wooden doors separating kitchen and living spaces, an original drinking fountain and its own little ecosystem of bald cypress trees at the end of drive just over the bridge. (Yes a bridge!)

Renovated Church

So yes, obviously I like the unique ones. Originally built in 1905 this was originally the Stevenson Methodist Church. The owner added a loft bedroom, full bath with steam shower, and recently refinished the floors. The artist in me wanted it to be one vast studio. I thought it would be perfect for that. Or an artists collective. Or a place for weddings or big dance party. The kitchen was basic, but with more than enough room to expand. Some lucky buyer has a nice palette to start with. Sadly, it was not me. My husband added that the two acres, mostly in back, would be a great archery range as well.

Fantastic in Fells Point

I see a trend here. I am totally in love with old homes. This one had the most unique staircase I'd ever seen in a tiny rowhouse. I'm also a huge fan of exposed brick walls, and updated kitchens and baths. This one was so absolutely perfect that move-in ready is an understatement. AND it was located on a quiet shady street not TOO close to the madness in the heart of Fells Point, but not too far either. Oh, and rooftop deck featuring fireworks viewing.

Oh Ruxton...

This house is so me. It checks all the boxes. Hardwood floors, bedrooms with interesting ceiling angles, beautiful light filled rooms. A fireplace. TWO fireplaces. I don't even have one right now. I loved the quirky layout – step up to some rooms, down to others, and the rooms were not huge. There is no "master suite" – only 1 very nice bathroom for all three bedrooms – but I could see myself living there. There was one view from the kitchen through the living room through the screen door that somehow reminded me of unspent childhood summers at the lake. Add in the fact that there is an old barn (!) on the property that could (again) be the perfect studio, and this house become one of my all time favorites.

These are just four of the many fabulous houses that sold in 2018. Do you have a unique property that we can help you with? Call Whit Harvey at 443.286.5808!

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