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Hanging Out With Carter Harvey

I had lunch recently with Carter Harvey at Atwater’s in Belvedere Square. We got together to discuss his views on starting out in the Real Estate industry (it can be difficult), how he generates new business (still exploring options) and what it is like working with his father, Whit Harvey (great!).

But our lively conversation topics ranged far and wide – from what books we are reading (we both just finished The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin) to movies, television (Westworld!), and where the best kayaking might be in the area.

At age 28, Carter is 30 years younger than me, yet somehow makes me feel like we are peers. I think it is his unique ability to find common interests with anyone, regardless of age. He has friends his own age as well as those of my generation, and probably everything in between.

In my opinion he would be a wonderful real estate agent to work with as a buyer’s agent. I cannot imagine a more charming, enjoyable and knowledgeable companion to take me around to see houses for sale, and explore local Baltimore neighborhoods.

Carter is also a very good listing agent. He works hard for his sellers, and has the backing of his team and the entire Roland Park Coldwell Banker office. He understands how to price a home, the things that need to be done to make it market ready, and he is always enthusiastic at his open houses and showings, ready to answer any questions or concerns while highlighting a home’s desirable features.

When it comes to preparing and overseeing settlement, Carter is a problem-solver and tries to anticipate any issues that may come up before sitting down at the settlement table.

I asked Carter if he thought he was good at his job.

“I do think I am good at my job, for a number of reasons. One is that I absolutely love looking at properties, am interested in the history of Baltimore neighborhoods, and really enjoy getting to see the inside of some of the best homes in the Baltimore area.”

What is Carter’s current favorite Baltimore neighborhood to show buyers?

“Canton. Hands-down. I love taking clients to look at houses there. You can park the car and walk to a number of listings instead of driving from place to place. By doing this, you really get to know the neighborhood, and the number of restaurants down there is amazing. There is always time to grab a quick lunch between showings.”

Carter has been involved in numerous home sales, from both the buyer and the seller sides. He continues to take real estate classes that keep him up to date on the latest laws and regulations and the newest technologies that help support his clients.

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