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Staging Your Home

The Whit Harvey group knows that staged homes look better, sell faster and demand a higher asking price than those that are not. From the front curb to the furthest corner of the basement, getting a home market-ready is their first priority with every new listing.

90% of home-buyers begin their search online. As a result of the online search, 76% of them drive by and 62% walk through. This means that curb appeal is a MUST. First impressions might be the only impression you get if your home does not have a welcoming entrance.


Staging a home is not just about making it look good; it is about making it easy to sell by eliminating potential problems. The owner must immediately address anything that might come up in a home inspection. Water in the basement, peeling paint, cracked sidewalks; gutter repair and structural issues should all be fixed before the home goes on the market.


Of course, homeowners can do staging themselves. They can start de-cluttering immediately. Rent a storage unit and put extra furniture in it to open up rooms and make them look more spacious. Then, start to pack. The client is moving anyway, so why not start the process now?


The advantage of using the Whit Harvey team is their experience and their willingness to take on the responsibility of staging from beginning to end. They take the burden off the homeowner by:

  • bringing an objective view to the home

  • making a list of suggested improvements

  • setting realistic expectations that the owner is comfortable with

  • working with a professional stager

  • having access to a huge network of people to help – organizers, packers, painters, electricians, landscapers and handyman services

  • overseeing all improvements


The Whit Harvey Group will submit a prioritized list of suggested improvements, and the owner simply needs to decide what they want to do and how much they can spend, and they will take care of it. The owner never has to work directly with any of the contractors, they handle it all.


“There is nothing worse than having a contract withdrawn because the inspector found something that should have caught before listing a home. We make sure that doesn’t happen to our sellers.” – Whit Harvey

Marketing Your Home

The Whit Harvey Group has over 80 years of combined experience in Baltimore area real estate. We know how to use today’s technologies and social media marketing to ensure high visibility for your property in the following ways.

  • Staging advice on how to make the best of your home’s assets

  • Full-color, professionally printed marketing brochure for your home

  • Featured listings on our website with large photos of all aspects of the property

  • Print advertising in appropriate publications

  • Broker open houses

  • Advertising on Social Media sites

  • Professional photography

Downsizing/Senior Moving


For a senior and their family, the move to a new home can be challenging. The Whit Harvey Group has a caring, considerate and supportive process that starts with an evaluation of our client’s needs and ends at their new home. Between those two points are a thousand little details. If you are looking for help, we refer many of our clients to Senior Move Success here in Baltimore.

"With Senior Move Success, Baltimore local Caryl Siems has created a caring and timely answer for those seeking a more personalized, respectful senior move experience. No one should single-handedly shoulder the burden of moving and no senior should have to feel like a burden to his or her children. This is your time to be with the people you love, doing things you love—not managing a move!" 


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