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Connections Count

Say you are looking for a home with your agent, and you just can’t seem to find exactly what you want. If your agent is well-connected in both neighborhoods and within the real estate community, he or she should be aware not only of houses currently on the market, but also those that are coming soon.

Part of Whit Harvey’s job is to maintain those connections. He has friendly relationships with other agents, and so may discover through casual conversation that one of his upcoming listing may be perfect for one of their clients. If the seller chooses to let the potential buyer preview the home it may result in a contract that is satisfactory to both parties in a relatively short amount of time. At the very least, Whit will have given other agents a heads up that the property will be coming on the market shortly, and to keep it in mind for potential buyers.

These relationships then work both ways, as other agents will let Whit know about their upcoming listings.

Whit’s connections also extend through his family, friends, club memberships and charity work. When someone is with Whit, eventually the conversation will touch on real estate because he absolutely loves what he does. Someone he meets may casually mention that they have a friend who is looking to buy in Homeland, and he may say, “Well I know of a wonderful home that is coming on the market there soon,” and a connection is made.

“We had an estate home that needed extensive work before it would be ready to sell. Whit helped the family create a punch list of things that absolutely had to be done before it was ready to sell. As we worked our way through floor refinishing and painting, a potential buyer came up through one of Whit’s connections. Although the house was definitely not quite market-ready – there was still a dumpster outside –Whit suggested that the buyers see it. Well, they submitted a contract and the house sold ahead of schedule!”

As a buyer, looking for homes online is a great first step. But if you really want to know about listings that are coming soon, or specific neighborhoods from an insider’s point of view, working with a buyer’s agent is really the way to go. They will represent you in all transactions, and if they are well connected, they will know about homes and areas that you may never find on your own. Whit could be that agent for you.

If you are a seller, having a well connected agent like Whit means that he is able to bring qualified buyers to you, not just advertise your listing, hold open houses and hope for the best.

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