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Where Are All the Listings?

You might look on our website and notice that we do not constantly have a plethora of our own listings. Why is that? Because we SELL our listings! The Whit Harvey Group team is so good at pricing, staging and marketing our listings that they do not stay on the market for very long. Take a look at our SOLDS page.

Under Contract in 6 days!

Sometimes we have a buyer after our very first brokers open, such as what recently happened with the renovated schoolhouse on Greenspring Valley Road. Because of our good relationships with other Realtors, occasionally a house never even gets to the multiple listing before an agent brings us a buyer.

When we work with a seller, we want to make the process as easy as possible. We understand that keeping a home in tip-top condition for last-minute showings can be disruptive, so the faster the sale, the less time the seller has to worry about keeping everything neat and tidy.

How is it that we do such a good job?

Our team.

Real estate professionals Whit Harvey, Carter Harvey and Kimberly Roberts all have one goal in mind – to provide the best possible service to our buyers and sellers. With incredible attention to detail and the support of our Cross Keys Coldwell Banker office, we help our clients navigate the often stressful process of buying or selling a home.

In-house Marketing.

We have an in-house professional marketing team to photograph our listings, coordinate all of our advertising, and write detailed blogs about our listings that give a first-person perspective that goes beyond the descriptions in the multiple listing information online and in brochures.

Staging Services.

Our stagers go above and beyond to make our sellers’ homes look their best. They have a stable of contractors, painters, landscapers, and anything else you might need to spruce up your home for sale. With a warehouse full of furniture, bedding and accessories, they can make even an empty home warm and inviting, and they handle everything so that you don’t have to.


We have good relationships with other Realtors, mortgage lenders, contractors, and local retirement communities – all to make your life easier and your next move seamless.

So the next time you look at our website and wonder why we have so few of our own listings, think instead – why do others have so MANY?

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