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Quiet Listings and Why They Happen

Some homes never make it into the multiple listing, and this can be frustrating for both buyers and realtors. Why does this happen? Sometimes it is a desire for privacy – the owners don't want the general public to know they're selling, or don't want to have pictures of the insides of their homes all over the Internet.

And sometimes it just happens. Good agents talk to other agents. Whit Harvey has established good relationships with other Realtors. He extends his network by accompanying buyers and their agents on all showings for his listings, and engages everyone who comes to his open houses.

These are just two ways that Whit stays aware of potential buyers looking in a particular neighborhood, and can keep other agents informed about his upcoming listings.

Just recently he told an agent in his office with a potential buyer about an upcoming listing, and that agent asked to preview it with a client. The asking price was met, and the deal was done within 4 hours of the showing. The seller was spared the ordeal of keeping their home always ready for open houses and continuous showings.

If only all home sales were that easy!

If you are a buyer, make sure you work with an agent who is aware of all potential homes for sale in the neighborhoods that interest you, including those that are not in the multiple list. They are rarely “secret” just not listed yet!

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