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The Perfect Setting for Just About Anything

I just spent a lovely summer evening by pool at 6 Ivy Brook Farm Court. There for an evening photo shoot, I was thinking that we should have waited until July 4th for the Oregon Ridge fireworks. Being just up the hill from the intersection of Falls and Shawan Roads, I am pretty sure that we would have been able to them above the tree line. Sadly it was the 1st – but hundreds of fireflies provided their own fireworks across the expansive lawns.

This home is a delight from the picturesque tree-lined approach, to the home theater in the lower level.

Four level acres make this a wonderful place to play – for children AND adults. I imagine croquet on the front lawns in the spring and lacrosse practice out back. I wanted to jump in the saltwater pool myself on this warm and humid evening, and decided that if I lived here I may never leave.

In the spring I would hang out in the sunroom, admiring the blooms on the trees the line the drive. In the winter I would put up my huge Christmas tree in the family room, light a fireplace and watch the snow falling outside of the two-story window.

In the fall, I might host a small cocktail party in front of the living room fireplace and dinner in the formal dining room. And every day I would enjoy cooking in the fabulous kitchen, feeding my family breakfast at the table while we watched the birds from the corner windows.

Hot weekends I would split my time between the pool and screening movies in the home theater, and every night the master bedroom suite would beckon me to soak in the bath, or enjoy a sauna before bed. With the lights out, my husband and I could gaze out at the stars in the dark night sky from the bed, while we listen to the house slowly quiet down around us as the kids settle into their bedrooms for the night. Oh, did I mention there is also an intimate master sitting room with a fireplace?

That sounds just lovely. However my kids are grown, and I don’t need 4 acres and 4 bedrooms in my life right now. But maybe you do?

- Cathy Evans

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