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Church Rehabs that Worked Beautifully

Our listing at 1925 Greenspring Valley Road, built in 1905, was originally the Stevenson Methodist Church. Just re-listed at the new price of 524,500, this could absolutely be the home project to create a one-of-a-kind showcase.

What do people love about the idea of home churches? The soaring ceilings, old fixtures, stained glass windows, and stone exteriors to name a few.

The listing already has major systems updated, a new roof, and newly refinished floors. The loft bedroom includes a walk-in cedar closet and arched doorway that opens to overlook the main gallery.

There are so many possibilities, and at this new price, major renovations can fit into your budget.

Here are a few interesting articles that we found regarding wildly successful church renovations:

By Jessica Stewart February 9, 2017

By Nan Fischer January 14, 2015


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