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Thinking of Selling in 2019? Start Now!

Late February, early March can be pretty bleak in the Baltimore area, but believe it or not, that is the beginning of the spring market for real estate. What can you do now to start getting you house ready? Here are 5 things you can do after the holidays.

1. Get rid of superfluous holiday décor.

As you’re packing away all those holiday decorations, take the time to weed through what you didn’t use, and what you may not use in your next home. Are the grown children and grandkids in town for the holiday? Let them choose a couple of their favorite ornaments from childhood to take with them and preserve cherished memories.

2. Make a list of improvements to be done before listing.

Whit Harvey is the one to consult now. He will create a list that includes “must do”, “should do”, and “would be even better if you did.” Once you have the list, consult professionals to get estimates on everything. This will help you pick and choose what to do, and you’ll know what the total cost will be.

3. Start De-cluttering.

Yep, start now. Go through your garage, attic, and closets. Donate, recycle, toss out. Do a little bit each weekend and on those cold winter evenings. If you do it a little at a time, it won’t feel so overwhelming.

4. Start packing.

Again, start now. You’ve started to declutter anyway, why not pack up those things you’re not using on a daily basis? China, glassware, and those things you absolutely can’t part with but don’t need right now.

5. Do interior work.

Time to pick up that list you made, call the professionals and let them have at the interior work. Address any major issues now, like water seepage and systems repair. Do you need to replace a bathroom vanity or toilet? Need to paint some rooms? Now is a good time.

Once the weather gets better, dig out that list again and start on the outside. You’ll be ahead of the game when spring hits. And THAT takes a lot of the stress off.

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