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Why You Should Use a Buyer's Agent

Buyers love working with the Whit Harvey Group because:

  • We are patient. You want to see 100 homes? We will show you 100 homes.

  • We have good relationships with other agents, and know about listings “coming soon”.

  • We know the Baltimore area neighborhoods because we live here. Tell us where you want to live and we will do our best to find you a home there.

  • We are with you at settlement –because its what we do.

A good buyers agents’ services include:

Finding listings and touring houses with you.

Yes, most buyers begin their search online, and open houses are open to everyone. But Real Estate Agents may be able to give you access to additional properties, such as those that are not in the Multiple List Service. A good buyer’s agent has good relationships with other agents, and will also know of listings that are coming soon. In a competitive market, this can give a buyer the advantage of being first in the door so to speak.

You may tour your “dream home” through rose-colored glasses. Your buyer’s agent will keep it real, pointing out problems that you don’t see. On the other hand, they can help you see beyond outlandish décor and cosmetic choices that aren’t to your taste. A good buyer’s agent will advise you on potential expenses, and how that will affect your budget and what you should eventually offer.

Negotiating the price and sale conditions.

Do you know what the comparable sale prices are in the area where you are looking? Do you feel comfortable defending your bid, and are you willing to negotiate the terms? Every single listing agent discloses that they are working in the seller’s best interests. Your agent can serve as an objective and knowledgeable liaison between you and the sellers or seller’s agents. They are working in YOUR best interest.

Recommending services you’ll need.

An agent such as Whit Harvey will connect you with trusted mortgage lenders, appraisers, inspectors and other professionals you will need.

Helping with all the paperwork.

Real Estate sales continues to be a very paper document-heavy undertaking, and who has the time process all of that alone? With so much to read through, sign and initial, you want to have your agent helping you through the entire process, including settlement – not the seller’s agent. Again, their job is look out for their client’s (the sellers) best interest.

The Whit Harvey Group employs a document manager who is on top of all transactions, whether we represent the buyer or seller, so you know things will be where they need to be, when they need to be there.

In return for these services, the buyer’s agent typically earns a commission that is commonly paid by the home seller.

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