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3 Weeks. 3 Dining Rooms. 3 Recipes.

Looking at some of the fabulous dining rooms that we have in our listings, I started thinking about Thanksgiving – just 3 weeks away! I received a beautiful circular in the mail from Whole Foods and have already tried a kale and wild rice recipe that was delicious. The Brown Sugar Brined Turkey pictured above, may be the go to recipe this year. Just for fun, I thought I would pair some of the recipes with the rooms.

For this casual family setting in Glyndon, I chose this comfort food called the Savory Dutch Baby. "A cousin to the classic Dutch baby, this savory version still delivers the wow factor as it emerges from the oven. Simply top with chopped fresh herbs — or go all out with sunny-side up eggs and Serrano ham." Seems like a great meal that the family would love.

This country cottage setting feels like the perfect place for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with this orange cranberry sauce. "Kick classic cranberry sauce up a notch with fresh orange juice and orange zest, which add a refreshing citrus flavor. Yes, it’s delicious with roasted turkey, but why stop there? Spoon it over green bean casserole, stuffing and more. Save the leftovers and try stirring a spoonful into a cup of yogurt or a breakfast smoothie." I love the smoothie idea!

Sophisticated settings calls for a sophisticated appetizer. "Crostini (aka tiny toasts) are always a hit — and they’re the perfect snack to serve while you put the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving meal. Here, roasted butternut meets festive, frizzled leeks for a sweet and savory complement to creamy Camembert cheese."

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Food photos and recipes from Whole Foods.

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