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5 Easy Projects and Resources to Refresh Your Space

Labor Day weekend is approaching. Do you have plans? If you’re going to be around the house, consider one or two of these easy projects to revamp your space. Or wait for a rainy weekend for some of the inside tasks.

Paint the Front Door

Boost curb appeal with a can of paint and a free afternoon. Painting the front door refreshes the look of your whole home. It's easiest to paint a door by removing it from the hinges and laying it flat. Be sure to give it a good cleaning and sanding before you prime and paint it. Wondering about color? Martha Stewart has some thoughts here.

Update House Numbers

All it takes is a screwdriver and a few minutes to give your front door a personality-filled facelift. Take a look at some of these bespoke house numbers on Etsy.

Organize the Garage

Take advantage of space between the studs of your garage for storage. Use scrap pieces of lumber to fashion shelves to hold spray paint or other small items. Use hooks to hang tools, garden equipment, and project supplies. Bungee cords hold long items like shovels and rakes in place and prevent them from falling on the floor—or your car! Need more storage? If there is a pitched roof, build a loft up under the eaves to hold seasonal items and coolers. Check out this special area of Amazon for all your garage essentials.

Organize the Entry

With the kids going back to school, an organized entryway could be the key to getting there on time. Add hooks for backpacks, a storage bench for sweaters and hats, and a boot tray for when things get messy. Keep your keys there and you’ll never need to search for them again! We like the Gabrielle Organization System from Pottery Barn.

Recaulk the Bathroom

Yeah…this one isn’t much fun….maybe save it for a rainy day. If the caulk in your bathroom is looking dingy, discolored, or cracked, it's time to remove it and start fresh. Whether it's around your sink, bathtub, or shower, old caulk can grow mildew and cause damage by leaking water—especially between the tub and bathroom floor. Remove the old caulk, clean the space well, and replace it with a new layer. A good caulk seal will last up to 10 years!


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