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6 Things You Can Do Now to Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring

Traditionally the Spring Real Estate market begins in late February/early March. Currently inventory is low, with fewer choices for buyers, so now is a great time to sell. It’s a seller’s market out there, but how do you make sure that your home attracts the best buyers?

The pandemic has many of us working from home – which can have both its problems and opportunities. Take what would have been your commute time to do a walk through of your house. Are there things you haven’t noticed because you walk by them every day, or things that you can’t help but notice because you always see them? Time to take some notes.

Here is a short checklist of things you can do now to make your home market-ready by the end of the month.

How does your home office look? Is it on your dining room table or kitchen counter? Organize your space now, and make a plan for keeping the space tidy and organized when it comes time to show the house.

Did the recent ice and snow damage your roof or gutters? Call now to schedule repairs. Staying at home all the time has made renovation a priority for many, so contractors are booking weeks or months out. Don’t delay!

Freshen up your front entrance. Take away the bags of ice melt, remove that snow shovel, and dispose of the dead plants (nobody wants to see that sad brown poinsettia next to the door). Remove empty pots or fill with cold weather hardy plants such as small evergreens or pansies. How tired IS that front door mat? Treat yourself to a new one.

Begin to declutter. Yes, we’ve said this over and over, but now really is the time to begin. Get some boxes for packing. Mark them as keep, give away, or throw away. Attack one room at a time, and you’ll be finished before you know it!

Now is the time to paint! Find inspiration with these trending paint colors from Benjamin Moore. Tip: if you are painting for yourself, color it however you want, but if you are painting to sell, choose neutrals. Need advice? When you list with the Whit Harvey Group they will work with a professional stager to help you make the best color choices for your rooms.


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