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7 Spring Maintenance Projects to do in a Weekend

Winter can be hard on the exterior of your home. Check these items off your list and see seven more here.

1. Update Exterior Lighting

Check existing outdoor light fixtures around the house and yard and replace any burned-out bulbs or solar lights that no longer hold a charge. Make sure motion-sensing lights are functioning, too. Consider adding lights to pathways and drop-offs, like front steps or landscape perimeters, for maximum safety when it's dark.

Now is a good time to add accent lighting to existing or new landscaping.

2. Refresh Exterior Paint and Stain

Spring is when more homeowners start putting their houses on the market again, and a good-looking exterior can help increase the value of the home. Re stain your deck, and repair any peeling paint that happened over the winter.

3. Get Ready to Water

Replace or repair leaky, cracked hoses and spigots, and be sure to check sprinklers and irrigation systems.

4. Fix Damaged Screens

Get ready for that first warm spring day by looking over your screens and making repairs or replacements as needed. Having your local hardware store replace screens can get costly. It’s actually pretty easy to remove and replace torn screens in the existing frame when you have the proper tools. There’s plenty of videos on line with step by step instructions on how to do it.

5. Power-Wash Surfaces

A thorough pressure washing will have the exterior of your home renewed for the season. It's a fast way to get rid of salt and grime that builds up over the winter months. Many surfaces, including driveways, concrete pavers, decks, and siding, can be power-washed.

Is there anything more compulsive than running a power washer? Starting is easy, it’s trying to stop that gets complicated. How far down the shared sidewalk will that power cord reach anyway?

6. Install or Update Ceiling Fans

Consider replacing your covered porch light fixture with one that includes a fan. Not only will you be cooler, but it helps (a little) with keeping bugs at bay.

7. Check the Mailbox

Street-adjacent mailboxes can get pretty beat up (or entirely knocked down) during snow removal. Landscaping around the area might be damaged as well. Once the snow piles are gone, check to make sure your mailbox is upright, sturdy, and the door can open and close easily. Replant as needed.


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