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8 Reasons Whit Harvey Makes a Great Buyer's Agent

So you’re ready to buy your first home, or your next – or you’re moving to Baltimore from out of town – what next? 99% of people begin their search online, but when it comes down to the final decisions, it is important to have a licensed realtor on you side. With Whit Harvey’s years of experience with both buyers and sellers, he will provide invaluable insights into your home purchase, and help you through the often-complicated process.

1. Whit listens carefully.

When you meet with Whit Harvey, he is going to want to know all about you. How large is your family? What are your hobbies and interests? Are certain schools important? How far do you want to commute? What are your “must-haves” in a home, and what are your “would love to have” features? What kind of neighborhood are you envisioning, and most importantly, what is your budget?

2. He knows the neighborhoods.

Having spent most of his life in Baltimore, Whit is very familiar with this city of neighborhoods and surrounding counties. From Fells Point to Ruxton, Rodgers Forge to Greenspring Valley and everything in between, he knows the places you are considering in addition to those may not know about. And Whit loves showing people around!

3. Persistence and time.

Not only does Whit tirelessly search for homes that may be a good match for you, he is also willing to drive you around for days, weeks, even months until you find the perfect home. He also regularly attends open houses, previewing possible matches for his clients, and is always willing to show a client any home that they found online.

4. Clear eyes, full hearts...old fuse

You’ve fallen in love with an older home, a “fixer-upper” that is in your budget. With stars in your eyes, you notice the amazing woodwork, the high ceilings, the charming casement windows, and the mid-century light fixtures. When you go through that house with Whit, he agrees with all of your comments, yes it has great bones, the neighborhood is charming, and the hardwood floors are in excellent condition. THEN he shows you the antiquated electric box (fuses!), the water damage to the ceiling, the truly original kitchen lacking appliances, and the lack of garage (one of your must-haves). But it’s within my budget, you think.

With Whit’s clear-eyed experience renovating several homes himself, and knowledge of costs – both obvious and hidden; he can explain to you how it will quickly become out of your budget! And then he’ll find you something better.

5. Good relationships

Whit has developed excellent relationships with other realtors, as well as the Monument Sotheby’s International Realty team, who all share upcoming listings with him, particularly if they know he is looking for a certain kind of property. That way he will be able to tell you about something coming on the market soon and prepare you to act quickly when it does.

6. The process explained

Whit will probably advise you to first talk to a mortgage company to see what your budget should be. He will then explain about inspections, closing costs, and the money you will need on hand. He will carefully help you fill out any contracts, going over contingencies, down payments, and everything else you need to know to before submitting the best contract you can.

7. Negotiation skills

As a buyer, you want to have Whit on your side. As his client, you are his priority, and he negotiate on your behalf. In a seller’s market when there are multiple offers being submitted, he will do everything he can to help you make your offer the most appealing to the seller.

8. In closing

From the moment your contract is accepted, Whit keeps on top of the process. He is on it with scheduling inspections, making sure you are doing everything you need to do for your financing, and making sure all paperwork is up-to-date and ready to close. Whit is also with you at closing, so that there are no surprises, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer.


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