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8 Things You Can Do Now to Update Your Kitchen

Preparing to list your house? You probably don't want to do a full-on, knock-down-walls, expensive rehab if you’re getting ready to sell –buyers have their own ideas about a dream kitchen. However, presenting them with a lovely, clean space where they can see themselves preparing meals is key to getting top dollar for your home. Here are 8 relatively inexpensive upgrades you can make today.

1. Refresh your cabinets

If your cabinets are looking drab and dated but are still in good shape, you don’t need to replace them. Instead, pick up some good paint and brushes or a paint sprayer. Be mindful of your color palette—you’ll want to stick with neutrals to appeal to most buyers. Right now, matte and brushed finishes are the most popular when it comes to the kitchen, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends Research report.

This DIY homeowner upgraded his kitchen by painting his cabinets, adding new hardware, and replacing the worn countertop with granite. Not shown here, he also replaced the tile floor with premium vinyl wood-look laminate.

2. Upgrade your countertops

Today’s buyers aren’t so keen on granite, and they’re definitely not looking for laminate. If you splurge on one upgrade in the kitchen, make it quartz countertops.

Quartz is trending in the design world due to being easy to care for and more affordable than granite, in fact, once your quartz countertop is installed, it will be beautiful for years with very little upkeep except for basic cleaning.

You'll love the pop of this red quartz countertop at 1000 Winding Way.

3. Update the lighting

Swap in new fixtures over the island and kitchen sink, or increase your kitchen’s appeal by installing recessed lighting on a dimmer. Under-cabinet lighting also adds a nice touch.

4. Install a new faucet.

"Whether it's our heightened awareness of hygiene at home or a growing demand for hands-free functionality, touchless kitchen faucets continue to grow in popularity,” says Jonathan Bradley, smart home manager at Kohler.

5. Invest in a good (quiet) dishwasher

If your appliances have seen better days, replace them with midrange stainless-steel appliances. The one appliance that’s worth spending a little more? The dishwasher—$700 plus to make sure that it is quiet.

5. Bring in a newbacksplash

The walls of your kitchen are brimming with design potential; it just takes the right backsplash to set off your cookspace.

"Whatever your material choice is for the backsplash, be it slab or tile, take it all the way to the bottom of your upper cabinets. If no upper cabinets; a minimum of 18 inches of splash should be operating procedure."

If you're feeling spendy, take the backsplash tile all the way to the ceiling. It will look luxurious and make the room feel higher.

7. Brighten up the color palette

Dark kitchen cabinets with dark granite are a thing of the past and can make a home hard to sell, especially to millennial buyers. Aside from painting dark cabinets and replacing countertops, choose a bright, neutral paint color for the walls.

8. Give the kitchen a serious deep clean

Nothing turns buyers off quicker than a kitchen with the "yuck" factor: food stains, filthy fridges, and even junked-up baseboards. Keep it clean, bright, and shiny. Make sure the stovetop is free of grease splatters, and definitely clean the oven – nobody wants to see your burnt-on spillovers.

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