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At Home in Homeland

Homeland is a 391 acre Olmsted designed neighborhood. Like its two predecessors in Baltimore, Roland Park and Guilford, Homeland benefited from the landscape expertise of the Olmsted Brothers firm. Homeland today contains 957 homes of families who treasure its diverse architecture, beautiful landscaping, winding streets and picturesque “lakes”.

The ornamental lakes, or more properly, ponds, dug in 1843 are still things of beauty. The lakes were not intended for swimming but were used as ice ponds. Their usefulness, however, was incidental as they were built for the purpose of beautifying the estate.

The design principles which the Olmsteds used in their residential work are as apparent today as they were in 1924 when the neighborhood streets and public spaces were laid out. Those principles served two purposes:

To create an aesthetically attractive physical environment and, more importantly

To create the conditions under which families could thrive and a community could knit itself together out of a collection of families.

A variety of building styles gives the neighborhood its special aesthetic appeal. Every home, from the most grand to the more modest, demonstrates the qualities that have made Homeland an enduring neighborhood for over ninety years. Emphasis was given to the style of the 18th century highlighting Georgian motifs. Nevertheless, Norman, Tudor, French country and Early American styling have blended with Colonial designs of the area.

A decided English flavor took precedent from the naming of the streets and lanes to the overall ambiance of the neighborhood. Names of good Anglican saints and English hamlets and towns predominate in street description.

Nearly every home has access to a lane in the back. In addition to the convenience of garages and services, the rear views open up vistas of lawns, gardens, patios and terraces. Hedges and fences add to privacy. A stroll through the lanes offers lovely aspects of the community. To preserve the front views of homes utility lines are run through the lanes rather than the streets.

Meandering shaded sidewalks and green spaces are perfect places to meet your neighbors –community is important in Homeland! The homeowner’s association sponsors a variety of events including the annual community picnic, Easter egg hunt, movie nights, Halloween parade and Children’s Choir Christmas Eve at the Lakes – all to make you feel at home in Homeland.


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