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Awwww….New Survey Finds that Homebuyers Want To Live Near Mom

Researchers conducted an online survey with a diverse group of 2,202 individuals aged 18 and older. The survey spanned three days (April 25 to April 27), and participants were asked a series of questions about their attitudes and behaviors regarding living near their mothers.

A staggering 75% expressed a desire to live close to Mom. Furthermore, almost half of American adults (47%) have moved or plan to move either themselves or their mom to be closer to one another. 


What is the ‘Mom factor’?


The "Mom factor" refers to the significant influence that the proximity and relationship with one's mother have on various aspects of life, including choosing where to live. The survey results provided illustrate that a large majority of Americans express a desire to live close to their mothers, and this desire influences their relocation decisions.


Among those who intend to relocate, a third plan to buy or rent a new home near their mothers. This suggests that being close to a maternal figure holds serious weight regarding some homebuyers’ must-have list.


The findings suggest that the bond between mothers and their children is strong and enduring, leading to practical decisions such as moving closer to each other. This closeness not only fulfills emotional needs but also offers practical benefits like support with childcare and assistance during times of need.


The data underscores the deep-rooted affection and connection that many individuals have with their mothers, highlighting the importance of family relationships in shaping life choices and decisions.


Moms and kids are also moving in together, with 20% of children moving in with their moms and 13% of moms living with their kids. This is contributing to the desire for homeowners to look at properties with an in-law suite or room to expand. (See our blog on Granny Flats)

Do you want to live closer to your mom? Call us today and set up an appointment to view homes in her area, or find the perfect home with room for Mom.





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