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Better Homes & Gardens: 30-Day Cleaning Checklist

As Spring approaches, our thoughts turn to... cleaning? Whether you're getting ready to list your house, or simply feel the need for a fresh start, this 30 day focused challenge can get you started. Each task can be done in 15 to 20 minutes (a few might take more time). You can do that, right? Let's get started.

Here are the ideas for weeks one and two in a nutshell. Details and tasks for week 3 and 4 can be found here.

Week 1: Living Areas

Day 1: Prep cleaning supplies.

Day 2: Dust light fixtures.

Day 3: Clean bookshelves.

Day 4: Polish picture frames.

Day 5: Refresh sofas.

Day 6: Wipe down walls.

Day 7: Vacuum under furniture.

Week 2: Kitchen

Day 8: Clean dishwasher filter.

Day 9: Deep-clean microwave.

Day 10: Degrease vent hood filter.

Day 11: Get a spotless stove top.

Day 12: Deodorize garbage disposal.

Day 13: Wipe down cabinets.

Day 14: Scrub countertops.



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