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Daytrips and Activities Close to Home this Summer.

With Covid-19 closing beaches, restaurants and places to stay across the country this summer, we've been wondering how to take our vacation days. If you can't get away to a remote cottage for a week, how about visiting some of these nearby places for the day?

1. Gettysburg National Military Park

With lots of sites outside, you can drive through the history of Gettysburg battles. See The Angle, site of one of the civil wars bloodiest battles, it's been known to be haunted. Ready for a hike? Wind your way through Devil's Den, then take a hike up Little Roundtop for the view. Inside memorials may remain closed, but the outside park is open to visitors.

2. Ladew Gardens

Although the mansion and shop remain closed, visitors are welcome to roam the gardens and nature walks. Enjoy a picnic in designated areas. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the topiary, water gardens and sculptures. The rose garden should be lovely this time of year. Butterfly house is expected to open on July 9. Restrooms are closed at this time.

3. Tube Along the Scenic Gunpowder

Put in at Big Falls and enjoy a peaceful float down to Monkton, or even as far as Glencoe. The water is cold, clear and refreshing. You may see herons, kingfishers, orioles and trout. Make sure you have a second car waiting for you and the end to drive you back, and don't forget those keys!

4. Take Sailing Lessons

Sailing camps are open from Baltimore to Annapolis and DC, with lessons available for adults and children. Although it can be expensive, it's certainly a wonderful way to spend a summer day or week. And if your child's regular camp has been cancelled, this might be a good alternative. As an adult, its a great way to be out on the open water and meet new people...socially distant of course!

5. Ready for a weekend retreat? Get away from the normal beach crowds for rustic camping at Assateague Island National Seashore (not the state park).

The beaches in both the Maryland and the Virginia Districts are open for normal recreation activities (swimming, walking, sitting on the beach, etc.) Please observe social distancing guidelines. Restrooms are open in both MD & VA. Oceanside and Bayside campgrounds are open. Group campsites and Backcountry campsites remain closed.

Note: This is not your State Park camping. Camping facilities include chemical toilets, cold water showers and drinking water, not the more luxurious bathhouses in the State Park.

Other area attractions you may be interested in:

• The Zoo is now open. Reservations required.

Many restaurants now feature outdoor dining.

Relax in the sculpture garden at the BMA.

Hike Calvert Cliffs State Park and search for fossils.

Visit the King and Queen seats at Rock State Park.

Before doing any of these activities, we encourage you look online to view restrictions.


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