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Going, going, gone! Inside the Successful Selling Strategies of Whit Harvey.

Now that interest rates have come down, more homes are coming on the market every day, buyers are scrambling to provide the winning contract on the home of their dreams.

Since January 2, 2024, the Whit Harvey Group has had two listings go under contract, both over asking price and one with multiple contracts, in a matter of hours or days.

Dumbarton Road in Rodgers Forge under contract in just 2 days.

Who says it's hard to sell a home around the holidays? With just 3 showings and a lot of interest, the buyers and sellers came to an agreement quickly, and there was no need for an open house.

"Whit has been instrumental in keeping the process moving. He's provided licensed vendors to do requested repairs in a timely manner, and we foresee a smooth closing in February."

1308 Aintree in Hampton

This house did not even last 12 hours! With 12 showings the day that the listing went live, the owners received multiple offers, and accepted one well over the asking price.

"Whit was our buyers representative when we purchased the home. We were impressed then with his service then, so when it came time to sell, we knew we wanted him on our side again."

How does Whit get it done so quickly?

First Whit tours the house with a clipboard and pen, taking notes for suggestions regarding repairs and staging. He then provides a list of "must-do" and "should-do" projects.

Once the seller knows what they need to do, or in the event that repairs are requested after an inspection, Whit will provide a list of reliable, vetted contractors who can provide repair estimates and can be counted on to do a professional job within the timeframe requested.

By working with stagers as needed, Whit ensures that your house is at its best when being photographed. Speaking of photography, potential buyers first see a house online. Therefore, the photographs need to be top notch. Professional photographer Beverly Funkhouser, will do what it takes to get the best shot. As a stager herself, Bev knows what should and should not be in a shot.

Whit has extensive conversations with his sellers about pricing based on his knowledge of the market. He will explain how your house compares to others and manage expectations through thoughtful explanation.

Marketing is essential to getting the word out. Along with social media marketing and well placed ads, Whit gets the word out. But even before that, he gets the word out that a property is coming soon through his connections and good relationships with other Realtors.

Follow up. Kimberly Roberts is the documents manager for the Whit Harvey Group. She ensures that both buyers and sellers are provided with critical documents in a timely manner and are signed promptly by both parties.

Final thoughts: Whit Harvey is a Realtor that you want on your side if you are selling a home. His reputation as a great negotiator is a wonderful asset for his buyers as well. If you are selling or buying in 2023, call Whit and decide for youself.


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