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Home Offices Away from the Home

Having a home office is….great? Sure, sometimes. You can close the door, put on noise cancelling headphones and try and get some work done. But how does having your own space away from the main residence house sound? Relaxing? Productive? Private.

Being able to distance yourself, if it is only a few 100 feet, into the backyard helps create a separation between work and home.

Here are some ideas that we found from around the web:

Tiny Yard? Tiny Backyard Workspace

Oliver Dang, architect and founder of Six Five Four A, typically works from home, but his rambunctious toddler made him recognize a need for more space with fewer distractions. Desirous of more than the typical shed, Oliver used site analysis to craft Garden Studio, his 100-square-foot, site-specific workspace. The shape of the asymmetric pitched roof and window placement respond to solar studies and the existing backyard tree.

Turning a Shed into a Workspace

Sales in sheds are spiking around the country. If you already have a shed, think about how you can renovate it to fit your needs. If not. The Barnyard is a local company that will build a shed to your specifications and deliver it to your property. Once you have the shed, customize it by adding electric, insulation, flooring and furnishings!

This $22K Mirrored Home Office Is Launching Soon on Amazon

ÖÖD House’s tiny glass cabin makes the perfect home office or backyard guesthouse.

"ÖÖD Home Office was created to address a practical need," says Kristi Kivilaid of ÖÖD House. "In today’s turbulent times, the general working culture has changed, and the need for separate office space is increasing every day. Many companies no longer see the need to rent big office spaces, and so people are working from home more than ever. This offers a workspace in your back garden, separate from your house, where you can concentrate and let ideas spring to life."

Office Pod

California-based studio Autonomous has created an assemble yourself building kit that's designed to easily pop up in the backyard. Dubbed Pod, this 98 square foot garden studio can serve as an office space, gym, art studio or guest room and can be assembled in just a day with no prior preparation needed.

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