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Declutter Your Home: Here's Where to Take Your Stuff

Was one of your New Years resolutions to start the year with a clean slate, and get rid of things you don’t need? It’s February and not too late to start! Get it done before the days get longer and the weather gets better – because if you wait too long, you’ll want to do anything else BUT declutter.


Living Room blankets and throws

Is your couch getting cluttered and dogs have chewed your favorite blanket? Take your worn bedding (and towels) to your local animal shelters. The pets will appreciate it

BARCS accepts new or gently used linens (blankets, comforters and towels. 


When was the last time you wore those size 4 jeans? How about that oversized sweater?  Donate coats to a local coat drive. Gently used clothing can go to Goodwill or more locally, Paul's Place.


Cash in on your used clothes

If you have clothing and shoes worth selling on consignment, check out Vogue Revisited in Roland Park.

Plato’s Closet is geared to specific brands such as Abercrombie, American Eagle, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, Forever 21 and H&M. Bring in a bag of clothes and they will review your items while you wait. If you accept their offer, you get paid in cash.


Consign outgrown children’s toys and baby items

Consign your items at Tried But True in Timonium. They do not accept car seats, cribs, crib bedding, stuffed animals, baby bottles or socks.

ShareBaby is a local organization that accepts donations of gently used strollers, portable cribs, potty seats, baby carriers and portable high chairs. They also welcome gently used clothing sizes preemie to 6x.

Home Office

Do you have a drawer, folder, or file where you put various papers to “go through later”? It’s time to tackle this stash and, odds are, you’ll find most of it can go in the recycling bin.

Donate your books locally to The Book Thing of Baltimore or The Maryland Book Bank
Too many bags?

Have you accumulated so many canvas totes in your entryway or front hall closet? Its time to weed them out! Consider moving some to your gifting drawer or, if it’s well used (and it’s actually canvas), you should be able to compost it.


Other bags should get sifted through as well. Plastic bags can be reused as trash bags; extra cooler bags or grocery bags can be donated to soup kitchens or food pantries.

Give your extra luggage to foster care agencies.

Many times, when a child is placed in the foster care system, they have only a trash bag with which to carry their possessions and clothes in. “It’s My Bag” was started to provide suitcases for these foster children, allowing some sense of normalcy to a difficult situation. Even the small switch from a trash bag to a suitcase is an enormous change for these underprivileged children.

To help “It’s My Bag” with their goal, Travel Makers is currently serving as the Maryland drop-off location for the program. We collect gently used suitcases, duffel bags, and book bags to provide to children in the foster care system. If you would like to make a donation of toiletries, pillows, blankets, or clothes along with your donation bag we will gladly accept those items as well.

Throw these things away

In the kitchen
  • Old plastic containers from restaurants

  • Mismatched and cracked storage lids

  • Old spices

  • Expired dry goods

In the bathroom

  • Get rid of expired skin care products

  • Toss that old makeup and worn brushes

In the basement or garage

Are you ready to get rid of those extra pieces of lumber, old paint, window air conditioners or non-working electronics? Click on the links below to see what materials are accepted at each location.


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