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Inspiration! 2023 Popular Paint Color Predictions

Each year, paint manufacturers and color experts share their predictions for the paint colors they expect to trend in the year ahead.

1. Forest Greens

Consider shades of green that evoke the forest, grass, and other elements of nature.

The great outdoors are forecasted to influence consumer color selections and paint undertones. To bring the outside inside, look for organic, muddy shades of green like moss and sage to bring a little nature into your home.

Cabinet Paint Color: Laurel Woods (diluted with 25% white) by Sherwin-Williams

2. Creamy Whites

Behr predicted this trend with the announcement of its 2023 color of the year, Blank Canvas. The warm, creamy shade of white features very slight organic green and brown undertones. It’s an ideal backdrop upon which to feature other complementary paint colors.

3. Earthy Blues

While blues have trended cooler in the past, this year’s forecasted blues are richer, deeper, and cozier. Expect to see blue paint colors that are warmer and feature either brown or green undertones. Earthy shades of mineral blue, such as what’s found in granite, and soft, watery blues are also hues you can expect to see in 2023.

Riverway by Sherwin Williams

4. Organic Neutrals

Paint manufacturers have forecasted a wide array of nature-inspired neutrals for 2023. These organic, earth-tone hues have slight green or brown undertones that subtly connect our spaces with the outdoors. Popular organic neutrals include mushroom, clay, and flax.

Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams

Photo: Kylie M Interiors

5. Spicy Hues

If you like a little kick to your color palette, your spice cabinet can provide inspiration. Experts forecast warm shades of cinnamon, smoky paprika, and dry mustard will be popular 2023 paint colors.

Cinnamon by Benjamin Moore

6. Dark, Moody Shades

Many of the nature-inspired shades forecasted for 2023 are rich, deep warmer shades that are the perfect hues for creating a cozy den-like space.

Dark Night by Sherwin Williams

Some of our past listings were ahead of the color curve!


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