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Is Condominium Life Right for You?

What Is a Condo?

A condominium, which is like a hybrid between an apartment and a house, is property that you can purchase and own outright. A condo offers some similar aspects of apartment living, such as common areas and shared walls. For those looking for a simpler lifestyle, Devon Hill offers upscale downsizing conveniently located in Baltimore County just north of the city.

Pros of Condo Living

1. Less Maintenance

If most of your time is spent away from the house, condo living provides the luxury of significantly less maintenance. Consider this; you’ll no longer have to spend your weekends mowing the lawn, pressure washing the driveway, and weeding the flower beds.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you have trouble keeping up with lawn care and other exterior maintenance?

  • Does cutting the lawn and maintaining a garden bring you joy?

Enjoy the formal gardens and walking trails at Devon Hill, with none of the maintenance.

2. Fewer Chores

We can’t stress this enough, but owning less can make you happier. Your chore time will be cut in half when you have fewer things and fewer rooms. Spend that time doing activities that enrich your life instead.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Is the upkeep in your house getting to feel like a burden?

  • Are you willing to downsize some of your belongings for a simpler life?

The open floor plan makes entertaining easy!

3. Built-in Community

Living in such close quarters with other people harbors a sense of community that is different than what you’d find in a typical neighborhood. Many condo residents take great pride in their community, and their neighbors can become close friends.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Are you a loner that might benefit from living within a community?

  • Would you prefer a condo in the city or a more rural location?

Cons of Living in a Condo

1. Not Enough Space

If you’re moving from a house to a condo, there’s no doubt that the limited amount of space can be hard to adjust to at first. If you have many hobbies and items you don’t want to part with, moving to a condo will be a challenge.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How much space do you need to live comfortably?

  • What spaces are a priority for you? For example, do you need a home office or basement man cave to be happy?

Unit C8 is spacious, with 3 bedrooms (the one above is currently used as an office) plus a sunroom and plenty of closets. The washer/dryer is conveniently located adjacent to the kitchen, and the unit comes with an extra-large storage area in the building.

2. Noise and Lack of Privacy

If you are downsizing from a spread-out suburban neighborhood, moving to a condo can be an extremely different experience regarding noise. You’ll be sharing walls and floors/ceilings with your neighbors. Some condo communities also restrict the number of visitors and pets you can have. You could also be restricted on aspects of your home like paint colors, solar panels, and landscaping, which could intrude on your sense of control.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Will hearing neighbors above, below, or next to you be a problem?

  • Does your need for privacy and control outweigh the benefits of condo living?

At 15 Devon Hill, Unit C8, you are on the top floor, with no upstairs neighbors. The entrance to the unit is private as no other condos share the landing.

The price for condos per square foot can be higher than single-family homes. Often what you’re paying for with a condo is convenience and location. Your mortgage payment could increase when all things are considered as most condo communities have added Home Owner’s Association Fees. They work to cover expenses like lawn cutting, grounds maintenance, exterior repairs and snow removal.

How much are you willing to spend per month on a condo? Figure out what your priorities are and budget accordingly.


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