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Monument Sotheby’s International Realty Agents: Connecting Buyers and Sellers

As a buyer do you ever wonder why a house gets sold without you ever seeing it? In today’s highly competitive market, many properties never get multiple listed, so you won’t find them on the standard outlets such as or Zillow.

Kimberly Roberts, of the Whit Harvey Group, recently represented a buyer who was competing with 19 other buyers for one property. With Kim’s expert guidance and her client’s preparedness, their contract was the one that the seller accepted. That leaves 19 other buyers who did NOT get that house, and you may find yourself bidding against them again as similar homes come on the market.

With the current low inventory in the Baltimore area, it critical for your buyer’s agent to stay connected within their brokerage. Monument Sotheby’s International Realty employs 179 agents in Maryland. That means that as a buyer, you potentially have 179 agents looking for a home for you.

“Just today I received 8 emails and 3 texts from other Sotheby’s agents asking me if I had anything coming soon that might be a good fit for their buyer.” – Whit Harvey

If you are serious about buying a home now, use a realtor who is connected, like Whit Harvey, who has great relationships with other agents. The same goes for sellers. If you want a realtor who will find you a qualified buyer, connections matter.



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