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Pet Friendly Houses Move up the List as Must-Haves

“A recent survey from revealed that 82% of Americans who planned to buy a home in 2023 consider their pets' needs as just as important—if not more—than their needs or those of other family members, and 72% said they would pass on an otherwise ideal home if it didn't work for their animals.” – Sharon Greenthall, Better Homes & Gardens

More than two-thirds of pet owners looking to buy a home within a year have built or installed special pet features, and half of current homeowners with pets already have.

Aside from a yard for the dogs, what other things are potential homeowners looking for in a new home, or have already installed in their current home?

  • A dog door

  • Mudroom where toys and towels are stored

  • Dog-washing stations

  • Low-maintenance, easy-to-install stock-tank pool

  • Built-in feeding stations

  • Enclosed porch for cats (either glass of screened for optimal outdoor viewing!)

  • A shallow toe-kick drawer to create a slide-out feeding station in the kitchen

  • Built-in crates or bed

Pet-Friendly Projects You Can Do Now

Create an Indoor Sanctuary

Create a space in your home where your pet can go to calm down or avoid over-stimulation.

If you have a spare closet or under the stairs space, consider transforming it into a welcoming dog nook. Be sure the bedding you choose can be easily washed or have removable coverings to reduce potential odors and make it easy to clean. The upper part of the closet can be segmented out for pet-related items, such as bedding, food and treats, leashes, and grooming tools.

Choose the Perfect Fence

Make sure the fence is tall enough that your pet will not be able to jump over and installed deep enough that they will not dig beneath. You’d be surprised at how high a determined dog can jump, and if the fence is built with horizontal support boards to the inside, they can use those to climb!

Dog-Friendly Landscaping

Create a yard that is interesting to both you and your pet by creating pathways with shrubbery and trees as well as areas where they can roll around and play. Choose hearty greenery that will not be easily destroyed by paws that may trek through them, and avoid plants that are dangerous to canines.

If you are looking to buy and your pet's needs are top of mind, give us a call!


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