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Private Retreat Ideas for Mom

Our mom's do so much for us, why take only one day of the year to celebrate how special they are? How about creating a space of their own? Whether it's a room in the house, or a full-blown studio or retreat in the back yard – they're worth it.

Ella Clair & Company created this lovely masterpiece from a TuffShed. You can read about it here.

This tiny room, called The Cotton Stem Cottage was built for designer and blogger Erin Kern by her husband. They live in Tulsa with their 4 daughters, 3 cats and 1 dog. No wonder she needed some alone time!

"So thankful to have a space to work, to design for clients, to write and blog, to just be quiet and THINK WHOLE THOUGHTS!"

A garage turned "she-shed" comes from Denise Sabia, DIYer, house flipper and designer behind The Painted Home. Her approachable charm and easy style have made her a local favorite, appearing on FOX, ABC, CBS and various others. Denise lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. with her 3 kids, a dog, a hamster, and a revolving door of other "pets".

Find more great ideas here and let us know how you get creative with your mom's private oasis.


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