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Selling Your Home This Summer: The 6-Month Plan for Success

Are you planning on selling your current home in the summer of 2024? It’s not too early to start prepping! Start with a visit from Whit Harvey. He will help you prioritize what needs to be done, and give you a list to help you on your journey. Each house is different but the following steps will help you feel less overwhelmed.

1. February

Take a walk through every room of your home and take notes as to what needs to be done in each. Having a list will give you clarity and you will also have the satisfaction of checking each item off.

2. March

Go room by room (again) with tags to mark furniture and boxes as donate or discard. This will give you a better handle on what is coming with you to your next home, and what is not.

Do you have grown children that still use your home to store their old things? Invite them over to tag the things in their childhood bedrooms that they wish to keep (in their own homes!), or donate.

3. April

Time to start decluttering and packing. You’re going to be moving, so why not start packing things that you don’t use every day? If you start now, you can go at your own pace and decide what you want to keep and what you don’t, instead of throwing everything in boxes to sort later.

Store these boxes in one area of the garage or basement. Rent a storage unit if needed.

This is also a good time to evaluate the exterior of your home. How do your gardens look? Do trees and bushes need to be trimmed? Will you need to do power washing? Plan now to make sure your curb appeal is on-target.

4. May

Now that things are less cluttered, time to take a closer look at repairs that will need to be done. Start reaching out to contractors for painting, gutter cleaning, roof repair, etc. Ensure that all of Better to fix major issues that you know about now before the buyer’s inspection.

Whit can refer you to vendors who are dependable and affordable. He is also very good at pointing out things that should be fixed that you might not see.

5. June

Repairs and painting should be under way. Keep the lawn and gardens looking great with new mulch and new flowers. Keep packing. Enlist the help of stagers.

Have professional listing photographs taken.

6. July

Time to list! Your home should be looking it’s best and all you need to do now is keep it clean and tidy. Make sure you are ready for showings by having a plan for what to do with your children and pets when buyers are looking at the property.

Once you have a ratified contract, it’s time to finish the packing and get moving estimates! After closing you'll be ready to head off to your new home!


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