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Some of Our Favorite Dining Rooms

Enjoy dinner by firelight in this beautiful bright dining room at 1108 Westwicke Lane. Check out those beautiful wood floors! Be here for the next holiday season.

We sold this home in Sagamore Forest in under a week. This dining room was just one of the reasons it was so popular!

Wow! We could not get over this gorgeous Mid Century Modern dining room with spectacular slate floors and amazing treetop view.

Loved the beamed ceiling in this cottage-feel Cape Cod in Greenspring Valley.

One of the most unusual properties we've handled was this remodeled schoolhouse in Greenspring Valley. It was gorgeous, and we loved the open floor plan, high ceilings, walls of windows and the large doors that opened to the kitchen.

Small gatherings? Just right in this Fells Point row house. We especially loved the exposed brick.

We can't wait to see what the spring brings with new listings and spectacular dining rooms.


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