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The 2022 Paint Color Forecast Is Here!

Better Homes & Gardens says cozy, organic shades are going to be huge.

BH&G article in a nutshell:

1. Warmed-Up Undertones

According to paint manufacturers, the biggest color story of the year ahead is a consumer shift from cool to warm undertones and hues.

2. Restorative Greens

Color experts advise that global events such as the pandemic can play a significant role in the shades we gravitate towards when selecting colors for our home.

The paint companies unanimously noted in their 2022 forecasts that restorative colors, especially diffused shades of green, are gaining popularity with consumers.

3. Organic Earth Tones

Earth tones lead the way as we continue to transition to warmer colors. The warm brown undertone that forms the foundation of earthy hues is the most dominant color influencing 2022 paint forecasts.

4. Blues as Neutrals

If you love blue, you will be happy to know that this hue is more popular than ever. In fact, colors like cornflower, steel blue, and indigo were included in all of the paint manufacturers' 2022 forecasts.

5. Tempting Taupes

The gray trend of the previous decade is finally rounding the corner. Color experts are seeing a trend shift from true grays to shades of taupe, which is a warmer brownish gray that can have a slight green or reddish undertone.

6. Moody Charcoals

Dark, moody colors continue to be popular with consumers and color forecasters. Experts believe this trend will continue in the year ahead—and get even darker, with rich, almost-black charcoals.


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