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The Joys of Having a Backyard Pool

Remember when the Covid lockdown happened? Public and club pools were closed, so your choices were to swim in the ocean, lake or river (or a friend’s pool!) – all of which are great, but nothing compares to walking outside on a hot summer day and plunging into your very own crystal clear body of water.

Having a pool creates your very own private oasis, and gives you a reason to enjoy the outdoors. Not only can you cool off, having a backyard pool provides a wonderful place for entertaining, a great way to exercise, and fun for kids of all ages.

Swimming laps in your own pool is a great way to de-stress after work. While you enjoy a low-impact exercise, your body will release endorphins, which boost your mood. You’ll finally have some peace and quiet to relax your mind and organize your thoughts.

“Sometimes in the summer when I can’t sleep, I’ll go outside and just float in our pool gazing at the moon and stars, listening to the hooting of owls. If its early morning, I can watch the sun rise and hear the birds beginning to sing.” – Joanne

Building a pool can be tricky when it comes to getting a return on your investment. Buyers with small children may see it as a drawback rather than a perk. However, if you are planning on staying in your house for a long time, your return may not be dollar for dollar, but you will have years of enjoyment. On the other hand, buying a home with a pool means the monetary investment has already been made, and you can enjoy the fruits of the previous owner’s labor.

There are certain things to consider when owning a home with a pool.

Pools aren't one-and-done. They require regular water checks, cleaning and replacement parts to keep them up and running. No matter the size, shape, or type of pool you own, one thing is certain: The costs never stop.

Proper fences, barriers, alarms and covers can be lifesaving devices. A fence of at least four feet in height should surround the pool or spa on all sides and should not be climbable for children. The water should only be accessible through a self-closing, self-latching gate.

Ready to dive in?


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