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What Makes Whit Harvey a Best in Baltimore Top Agent?

Passion for his job.

Whit has been in the Real Estate Business for over 40 years. He loves it. When asked if he’d like to retire, he says, “Why would I? I love what I do and I am going to do it as long as I can do a good job for my clients.”

Level of commitment to his clients.

From coming up with a suggested list of improvements and helping with staging, through inspection and overseeing all the details leading to settlement, Whit is committed to ensuring a smooth sale process for his sellers.

"With Whit Harvey as my listing agent, selling my Roland Park home went seamlessly. He has a knowledge of the community, home values, and the process, and found the perfect buyers for my home. Both the buyers and myself were relieved and delighted with the smooth transaction. I highly recommend the Whit Harvey group to anyone either looking to list a home, or seeking the perfect residence for themselves." - Jeanne M.

For his buyers, he will tour as many houses as it takes to find them the perfect home. He and his document manager are poised to advise and submit a contract as soon as possible in this current hectic market once the buyer has found something that they like. He goes the extra mile to accommodate their schedules, and working weekends is just another part of the job. Once a buyer has a contract accepted, he will be by their side, advising them throughout the inspection and will accompany them to settlement so that there are no surprises.

Good relationships with other agents and service providers.

In this business it is critical that as a realtor, you earn the respect of your business peers. Whit has long-standing relationships with other agents, who keep him in the loop for upcoming listings, or buyers in search of properties he may know about as coming soon, just as he lets them know when he has something coming up that may be of interest to one of their clients.

In addition to working well with other agents, Whit can also maintains a list of service providers that will help his sellers with any repairs that need to be addressed, and do it in a timely manner so nothing gets held up at settlement.

Depth of knowledge of the business.

There is a lot to know about the Real Estate business, and Whit has been doing it for 40+ years. He keeps abreast of local market trends, new marketing tools, and any new laws that will affect his clients through ongoing professional development.

He knows Baltimore.

Whit has lived in Baltimore all of his life. He knows the neighborhoods and homes and can help buyers find the perfect fit.


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