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When Price & Presentation are in Perfect Balance

Beautifully staged living area.
Staged homes sell faster than empty ones. With Whit's help and a stager's eye, this home sold in under a day.

Why do some listings sell quickly, while others linger on the market? Whit Harvey will tell you that it is all about the presentation and finding the right price.

There is a saying in real estate that, more often than not, your first offer is your best offer. (Of course this does not hold true in a bidding war, where the buyer still must submit his best offer.)

Whit Harvey has been in the real estate business for over 40 years. He’s sold a LOT of houses and knows what it takes to get the best price for his home sellers. In a nutshell, here is what he has to say.

The best clients to work with are the ones who take his advice.

Whit tours a potential listing from top to bottom, taking notes on the things that need to be done to get the home market-ready. He creates a list of “must do” – things that an inspector will insist be repaired before settlement. Then he makes a list of smaller items that will make a big impact, such as painting, landscaping, and power washing. He’s never had a client think that he asked them to do too much in getting ready to sell.

You wouldn't want try to fix your own car, or tell your lawyer how to do their job. You listen to the advice of your accountant and follow doctor's orders. All of these people know their jobs and how to help you. It's the same with your Realtor. They have your best interests at heart, and it pays to follow their advice.

First impressions are sometimes the only impression.

Whit wants to make sure that a seller’s home makes the best impression from the start. Everyone knows that de-cluttering is the first task to tackle when preparing to list a home. Whit has great working relationships with local packers and stagers, and is happy to connect the homeowner with them and other service providers who will help prepare the home for sale.

Currently 99% of homebuyers begin their search online. Whit ensures that every property he lists is professionally photographed, including twilight and drone shots. If the place doesn’t look good online, buyers may move on to the next without scheduling a showing.

Competitive pricing.

As a Baltimore native and long-time area realtor, Whit is familiar with the neighborhoods and homes in the area. He keeps abreast of market trends, and keeps track of what has sold and what is coming soon that is comparable to his upcoming listing. Sometimes it is difficult for an owner to judge what their home is worth because they are too close to it.

There is a fine line between priced right and over-priced. If the price is right, the home will command full listing price or above. Priced to high and it jumps to another cost bracket that might scare away potential buyers, or worse still, have it linger on the market through multiple showings with no offers until it becomes stale and buyers assume there is something wrong with the home.

Price & Presentation = Sale

Whit wants you to get top dollar for your home, and will advise you on how to do that. Remember that list? Maybe he suggests you put in new kitchen counters, or update a bathroom to compete with similar homes on the market. Maybe you have neither the time nor the energy to do those kinds of renovations. Whit can tell you what he thinks the list price would be if you do these suggestions versus how it should be priced if the changes are not made. He can guide your decisions, but ultimately the choice is yours. Choose Whit.


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