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Why Women Homebuyers Rule

The role of women in real estate has undergone a substantial transformation in recent years. No longer limited to passive participants, women have emerged as proactive homeowners, maintaining their financial independence and making strategic property investments. The statistics reflect this shift, with more women taking the lead in property ownership.

Even though women still earn 83 cents for every dollar made by men, they outstrip men in another key financial area: owning a home.

A LendingTree analysis of the latest (2022) U.S. Census Bureau data finds that more single women than single men own homes. Overall, single women own 2.71 million more homes than single men, an increase of 70,000 homes from 2021.

Women are more likely to use compromise and empathy during negotiations.

Women not only have the edge in homeownership, but they might also be better at negotiating a real estate deal than men, according to research by Cindy Watson, attorney and author of “The Art of Feminine Negotiation.

“The myth or misconception is the belief that negotiation is all about toughness, the bark and bite,” Watson says. But the reality, in her analysis, is that 5 of the 6 important skill sets of effective negotiators are characteristics that might be considered more feminine, such as compromise and empathy.

In trying to close a deal, for instance, a man might aggressively try to drive too hard of a bargain by saying something like, “This place is a dump. You can’t expect me to pay full price.” But a woman might say something like, “I know you love this house, and I love it, too. I want to create wonderful memories here. But my budget only goes so far.”

When searching for homes as a couple, women make 91% of the home-buying decisions.

When looking for a home, women do research, and lots of it. They scour the internet to research homes and communities, talk to friends, look at photos and read data. They place a high value on home ownership even if they have to make financial sacrifices to get there.

The increasing economic influence of women in real estate is undeniable. Their purchasing power and decision-making prowess contribute significantly to the growth and resilience of the property market. As decision-makers, women bring a unique perspective, influencing property trends and shaping the industry's future.

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