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Younger Buyers Want Baby Boomers to Update Their Homes

By: Melissa Dittmann Tracey for Realtor Magazine

Millennials are worried they’ll inherit properties in need of major renovations and repairs, which could further hamper affordability, a new survey shows.

Young move-up home buyers are growing increasingly worried that baby boomers, many of whom are staying put in their current home, won’t update their properties and will pass down costly renovations and repairs to the next generation of owners, according to a new study from Morning Consult and Leaf Home, a national home improvement company.

Many baby boomers are choosing not to downsize, with 68% saying they’ve lived in their homes for 30 years or more, the study shows. Many in that group admit they’ve never done renovations or replaced major appliances—and they don’t have any plans to, either.

Researchers say this could become a nightmare scenario for millennials, who may inherit or purchase these “time capsule” homes. Younger buyers’ budgets already are stretched thin by high home prices and mortgage rates. It’s difficult for many to add pricey renovations to their homebuying budget.

“The housing market is caught in a generational tug-of-war,” says Leaf Home CEO Jon Bostock. “Boomers will soon face aging-in-place hurdles, while millennials will face the surprise of homes in need of major updates. With an aging and ignored inventory of homes available in the next decade, we may see a crisis that will overwhelm the home improvement industry and strain the budgets of inheriting millennials, impacting the housing market.”

Taking More Than Their Fair Share?

Empty-nesters own twice as many large homes as millennials with children, 28% versus 14%, respectively, according to a new study from Redfin. But many young families need extra space: Millennials with children comprise about a quarter of three-bedroom-plus rentals in the U.S.—the largest share compared to any other generation.

Some millennials are waiting out the housing entire article here.


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