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6 Ways Staging With Plants Can Help Your Home Sell (or just make you feel good!)

“We all know plants work wonders to purify the air and make your space feel happier, but there’s more to know about these green goodies: They can actually help sell your house. Here’s how.”*

1. They’re great for first impressions

Houseplants make our homes happier, healthier places. Having an attractive plant or two in a home’s entryway can help set a good first impression

2. They can give shoppers a sense of scale

When home shoppers are scrolling through listings online, plants can play a key role in showing just how much space there is in your floor plan.

3. They can bring the outside in

From an interior design perspective, indoor plants can work wonders to visually tie your interior with the outdoors. Interior plants can also draw attention to a gorgeous backyard or landscaped terrace.

4. They can be a focal point

Floor plants offer a great option for filling empty space created by missing furniture or decor pieces.

Shop local small businesses for unique houseplants at B.Willow and Plantacea.

5. They prevent that fake staged look

Plants make a space feel lived in, like there’s someone there taking care of them.

6. They can be a perfect swap for all your personal touches

Quite often homeowners declutter their homes to get them ready to sell, meaning all the personal family pictures, kids drawings, and artwork is put away. In place of personal items add a small and simple green aloe plant or a delicate air plant in a clear glass globe in those newly empty spaces.

*by Lambeth Hochwald for Apartment Therapy


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