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A Seller’s Primer on What Buyers Want

What are the buyers looking for? How much should I spend to get my house market-ready? Is disrupting my home worth it for potential gains when I sell? Here's the easy answer: it depends.

What are your goals?

  • I want to enjoy any renovations to the house now and these will provide a return on my investment in the future.

  • I want to do whatever it takes to get the best price for my home now.

  • I don’t want to have major renovations take over my life, but would welcome advice as to how to make my home market ready now with minimal work.

How can I give buyers what they want?

1. What do I HAVE to do to make my home more appealing to buyers?

Repairs that will need to be addressed in an inspection are the number one concern. No buyer wants to come into a house and see mold, broken railings or uneven decks. First impressions are important, and your home at the very least must be in good repair. Even if you are selling “as-is”, a buyer will be less likely to consider a home with major problems.

We always tell our buyers to de-clutter and refresh paint as needed. A deep cleaning goes a long way to making your home look its best. Buyers want to be able to see themselves living in your spaces, not be distracted by your things.

2. What is my timeline for moving?

Will you be in your home for another year or two and have always dreamed of doing a kitchen renovation? Then now is the time. Why do all the work, only to have the new owner reap the benefits? Kitchen and bathroom renovations offer your best return on investment, so anything you do now will increase the value of your home when you are ready to sell.

3. My home has no major problems, but it could use an updated kitchen or bath – should I leave that to the next owner?

We get this question all the time. “Won’t the new owner want to do the renovations to their taste instead of mine?” Well, maybe. Some buyers can imagine the kitchen they would want, and some buyers can't – they want it done for them, and the idea of major renovation would be too daunting. If your kitchen is extremely dated, you can't go wrong by updating appliances and countertops. Little things can go a long way. See other small kitchen updates with big impact here.

4. What is more important to you right now, your time and convenience or potential increase in the sale price of your home?

We’re not going to lie – major renovations can be a major headache. They take time and money and if you are juggling toddlers and work, and don’t want to deal with contractors and paint chips, then maybe leave those things for the next owner.

We can help you with those decisions by outlining for you what your listing price would be without renovations versus what it would be if you if you did do that kitchen or bath.

We encourage you to work with our stager who help you make the best of what you have, and offer suggestions for paint colors, furniture arrangement, etc. When you are ready to sell, call us!


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