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Sellers Ask: Why Do I Have to Do That?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Whether it’s online or in person, your home needs to look its best from day one. Potential buyers are looking at your home with a critical eye, and money spent on making repairs or enhancements is money earned.

Often you only get one shot at a buyer. Is there cracked tile in your bathroom, or a broken walkway out front? Better to fix this now then have a buyer question how well your home has been maintained. Don’t give them the chance to wonder what other unseen repairs haven’t been done.

Whit Harvey always provides his sellers with a list of things to do in order to get top dollar for their home. He has a must-do, should-do, and maybe you should do this depending on your time and money tolerance.

Must Do

The must-do’s may include water damage repair and stripping peeling paint, as well as doing HVAC cleaning and servicing with new filter. Doing costly repairs to items that will not pass inspection is critical before listing. You don’t want a sale to fall through due to things found in the inspection. Start packing. You're moving. Less is best.

Should Do

The should-do’s may include carpet cleaning, power washing, window washing and repainting interiors. Fresh paint has one of the greatest return on investment, especially if you do the painting yourself.

A note about DYI. If you are working within a budget you can certainly do some projects such as painting, power washing and cleaning, certain projects, including painting and cleaning. For other things such as tiling and systems repair, hire a professional.

Maybe do?

Sometimes a realtor might suggest updating an old bathroom or kitchen. It is up to the homeowner to decide if the investment in time and money will be worth the potential increase in the listing price. Perhaps you could get away with new bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances – perhaps an upgraded countertop. These are all things that Whit can help you decide.

Curb Appeal

Much is written about curb appeal. This is critical for listing photography, and drive-by viewings. At a minimum make sure that all clutter and toys are removed, the grass is cut, and bushes and shrubs trimmed. Clean gutters and power wash any existing mildew from decks, siding and sidewalks. Fresh mulch and colorful planters enhance the front entrance.

As your realtor Whit will be able to advise you on how to get the best price for your home. He will compare the listing prices of other homes in your area, and how yours compares as far as remodels and upgrades in order to help you decide what you will do to show your home in its best light and get your best offer.


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